Model Specifications

Review model specifications to help you to find the right Breezair evaporative cooler for your home or commercial or industrial application.

Breezair offers evaporative cooler models with varying cooling capacities (kW).

To help you compare Breezair models, simply click on the PLUS symbol on the left or scroll down to select the products your would like to explore. 

You will find more detailed product information in the product brochures found here.

For more information on entry level evaporative cooler models, please visit the Coolair by Seeley International website or contact us today for information on our RPB Coolers for medium to large scale installations.

Breezair Models

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Breezair Coolers best suited for residential

  • Breezair Icon EXQ 170

    Breezair Icon EXQ 170

  • Breezair Icon EXQ 210

    Breezair Icon EXQ 210

  • Breezair Supercool EXS 220

    Breezair Supercool EXS 220


Breezair Coolers for commercial or residential

  • Breezair TBQ 550

    Breezair TBQ 550

  • Breezair SuperStealth TBQI 550

    Breezair SuperStealth TBQI 550