MagIQtouch Controller

Best Evaporative Cooler Controller

Smart, sophisticated and incredibly intuitive, your MagIQtouch Controller makes operating your Breezair, a breeze. Control the temperature, fan speed and many more features on a familiar, discreet and modern touch screen.

The MagIQtouch Controller is standard on EXS and TBQI models and available as an optional upgrade on all other ranges.

The advanced touch screen MagIQtouch Controller offers intuitive navigation including in-built Installation Wizard, making the operating process simple. Each cooler comes supplied with a 20m wiring loom which may be extended up to a maximum length of 40m (optional) allowing you to operate up to 135* coolers from a single MagIQtouch Controller!

 *Total room length must be <=1000m

The MagIQtouch Controller is also compatible with Braemar ducted gas heating systems giving the ability to control your combined heating and cooling system from the same controller. Click here for more information on combining ducted gas heating with evaporative cooling.

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Optional Features

Air Sensor

Air sensor is a remote temperature and humidity sensing module that allows you to mount the MagIQtouch Controller in a convenient location (e.g. control room) while still sensing air from the conditioned space.

MagIQtouch BMS Control

Our coolers are BMS compatible. Please contact us for further details.